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Gay Holidays in Bulgaria has been a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) since August 2012. Throughout the course of the past year, they have proven to be reliable partners, devoted to working for a world where everyone is equal and free to express their sexual orientation without fear of rejection or aggression.

I first met members of their team at ITB Berlin in March 2013. They did an excellent job of representing Bulgaria in a  positive manner, attracting substantial interest in the country. While some visitors were surprised to see Bulgaria presented as a gay tourism destination, the team was successful in convincing the travel professionals attending the trade fair of the country’s potential as an LGBT destination.

Knowing that people like Stefan and Petar from Gay Holidays in Bulgaria work every day to promote LGBT tourism, I’m confident that the future for the LGBT community worldwide will continue to improve. There are still many setbacks and challenges – in Bulgaria as well as elsewhere in the world. However, it is through the work of such committed, passionate individuals, and the power of LGBT travel, that we will be able to break down the barriers of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Clark Massad,
Vice President

Europe & Global Partnerships
International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association



In September 2012 I participated in a familiarisation tour of Gay Holidays in Bulgaria set up by GHB. It had been arranged for a small group of reporters and colleagues and we had a truly unique time, mainly because all the trips had been very well organised.

I have to admit that I was surprised by how much Bulgaria has to offer to gay tourists. Although I live in a neighbouring country, we know very little about our neighbour to the North, and until that time I had never been in the country. I had always believed that Bulgaria had major problems in terms of homophobic activity.

As it turned out, this was not the case and I am grateful to GHB’s team for showing me how wrong this stereotype was. From the fam tour I got the impression that Bulgaria is a beautiful country and the vast majority of its people are warm and tolerant. The local gay community is vibrant and very welcoming to foreign visitors.

I will surely go back there for another holiday and I hope I have the same team on my side, taking care of all organisational matters.

Leo Kalovyrnas,
Director and Writer in “10%” magazine
author of gay and lesbian columns on “Time Out Athens” and “Athens Voice”



I came to Bulgaria in September 2012 and entrusted myself to the competent care of GHB Agency’s team. The fam trip they organized went very well. They met us up at the airport, they accommodated us in an amazing hotel on Vitoshka street, gave us guided tours of Sofia, Melnik, Rozhen Monastery, Rila Monastery, Rupite and Bansko, showed us the gay night scene in Sofia and even took us rafting. I had great fun during my time in Bulgaria and was convinced that it’s a worthy destination, suitable for gay tourism. As a result of my time there Amphitrion Holidays, which offers mainly incoming tourism, has offered several Gay Holidays in Bulgaria packages on the Greek market.

My confidence in GHB’s team grew even more during ITB Berlin 2013. They presented Bulgaria on IGLTA’s stand right next to us and they showed great professionalism during their time there. I’m honoured to have GHB as trusted business partners and friends and I hope our partnership will continue to grow.

Menelas Siafakas,
Project Manager



I was approached by Stefan Dimitrov, GHB’s managing director, on Facebook. He proposed a business partnership between my agency and his, but I wasn’t convinced Bulgaria was worth the efforts. I have a small tour operator in Slovenia and I didn’t see much potential in his offer. However he managed to convince me to join a fam tour, so that I could see for myself everything that Bulgaria could offer.

I remained pleasantly surprised. Bulgaria has a surprisingly big gay scene and I came to learn that some of the most popular Bulgarian celebrities were gay and the society accepted them and loved them. I truly enjoyed Sofia’s gay night clubs and had great fun during the whole tour. I was also surprised by the amount and variety of touristic landmarks I was shown. Bulgaria has a vast potential to attract gay tourists and I am glad I’m able to contribute to GHB’s efforts. I recommend all my friends to choose Bulgaria for their holiday, because I saw with my own eyes that it’s truly a wonderful destination. Frankly, I’m surprised Bulgaria is not more popular among gay tourists. Maybe the problem is just that no one until now wanted to develop the cluster? In any event, I know gay tourism in Bulgaria is in good hands and I’m just waiting to see how many other pleasant surprises the GHB team has in store.

Damjan Vavh,
Owner of Let's Go Rainbow Ltd., Slovenia