Sofia opens new tourism landmarks!
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Sofia Gay Pride postponed for September
20.06.2013 - Two days before the Sofia Gay Pride the organizing committee has decided to postpone..
Russia makes another step towards homophobia
11.06.2013 - Another scandalous law passed the lower Russian Parliament just a few hours ago. Wit..
Sunny Beach opens summer season
01.06.2013 - Today is the official opening of the summer season in the Sunny Beach resort. Prepar..
Bulgaria celebrates the cyrillic alphabet
24.05.2013 - May 24 is the Day Of Slavonic Alphabet, Enlightenment and Culture. This day has been..
Sofia Gay Pride 22.06.2013 shapes well
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Top 5 open gay celebrities in Bulgaria
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The oldest sundial in the world found in Bulgaria!
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Thousands celebrated Easter in Rila Monastery and Aleksandar Nevski
07.05.2013 - Thousands of people, including gay tourists, visited Rila Monastery during the East..
Easter heats attract tourists to the Black Sea
29.04.2013 - First tourists have already arrived on the Bulgarian coast of Black Sea to have thei..
Bulgarian town of Melnik cures vampires
23.04.2013 - Melnik was one of the most important towns on Bulgarian lands in 18th and 19th centu..
New Zealand permits gay marriages
18.04.2013 - By a vote of 77 to 44, lawmakers in New Zealand have passed a new law, allowing resi..
A new gay bar opens doors in Sofia on Saturday
16.04.2013 - The gay scene in Sofia keeps expanding. A new gay bar has been announced to open its..
Archeologists dig out a golden treasure in Byala
13.04.2013 - A common saying claims that everywhere you dig in Bulgaria, you find history. Anothe..
GHB's website expands with a news section
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