#Project T – supporting men’s health in Sofia

#Project T – supporting men’s health in Sofia

06.11.2015 - A special opening will take place on 12th November in Sofia - the exhibition “#Project T” will be presented! “#Project T” is an initiative devoted to men’s health and supporting the fight against testicular cancer.

According to statistics, Bulgaria takes the top place in a rating of 33 European countries, based on late diagnosis of testicular cancer in two age groups – 15-29 and 30-44. Although this cancer is treatable and curable in 90% of the cases, its late diagnosis could lead to lethal result. One of the reasons a lot of men rarely test themselves for testicular cancer is their shame of being naked.

This is precisely the reason why we stood up against the shame of the unclothed masculine body. “#Project T” aims to show, that being comfortable with yourself and your natural body is key to preserving your health. There is no reason to be embarrassed by nakedness, especially when your health is concerned.

Various different men stood in front of the Alexandra Kevin’s camera for the campaign – a musician, two sportsmen with gold medals, an IT-specialist and several students.

The organizers from PLOVEDIV will present the exhibition outside the city of Plovdiv for the first time. The city and the famous new art-café were the birthplace of “#Project T”, created by Simeon Todorov,  who is also behind projects “Bear” and “Brides”. “#Project T” is also supported by “Gay Holidays in Bulgaria”, “Open Arts” foundation and doctors from “St. George” hospital.

The exhibition will be available in the art-café Club 34 in Sofia, on 34 Alabin str., between 12th and 30th November. Entrance is free of charge, but requires maturity and responsibility – just like maintaining your health!