New Activities on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

New Activities on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

29.08.2014 - As another successful summer reaches its end, albeit one made harder by the situation in Russia and Ukraine, it's time to see what new activities have been made available to tourists in Bulgarian Black Sea resorts.

First, we'll mention the new historical attractions. We already informed you of St. Anastacia's island near Burgas which opened this year - a great destination for one day. Now we have learned that there is yet another cultural place for you to visit, if you are interested in such activities - one, that is far older than the former monastery island - an ancient city near the town of Byala. People there have known about the ancient historical roots of their town since 19th century but it was only 5 years ago when exhavations began and the ancient port city revealed itself. The fortress had more than 1000 people of population and most findings in the area date from 4th to 7th century A.D. The findings and the buildings remaining today show more of the Thracian and Early Christian history of the area.

There has also been a new attraction made available in Burgas, the major city near Sunny Beach. The administrational center has long been famous for its production of sea salt. Now the caretakes of the salt deposit have acquired a train, taking tourists "on the road of salt". It starts from "Black Sea salt deposits - North" and reaches Atanasovsko lake, home to a wide variety of birds. On the way the passangers can see the details of the salt production process and learn more about the history of this comodity in the region. It is well known that in antiquity the towns and villages on the Black Sea were among the richest in Europe exactly because of the salt production. That might also explain why the oldest golden treasure in the world was found in Varna, 8000 years B.C.

As for specific summer activities, this year has also been quite fruitful in inventing new ways for tourists to have fun or adapting such from other world class resorts. One of these activities is the flyboard - a special jet, elevating the customer above the sea level by emiting strong water flows. This way the tourist flies in the air above the water at a breathtaking speed. One needs equipment to practise flyboarding, such as special boots and gloves. It might sound a bit extreme, which is also why it's only for people above 18, but the owners claim it's completely save and a lot of fun!

Another new opportunity for people enjoying more relaxing activities is the SUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding. The SUP-er gets on a surf board and paddles his way around the water (see the picture above). As a relatively small sea Black Sea rarely offers huge waves for extreme surfists, which is why SUP is perfect for these conditions and for beginners.

Meanwhile, gay places continue to be developed in the bigger cities and resorts on the coastline. You can chech our gay guide for more information on gay beaches, bars and clubs in Bulgaria.