Happy 2nd February (Gay Day)

Happy 2nd February (Gay Day)

02.02.2014 - Gay Holidays in Bulgaria wishes a happy 2nd February (Gay Day) to all our partners, readers and clients!

Since many years, 2nd February is widely recognized as Bulgaria's gay day. This is the day Bulgarian gay community celebrates what it is.

The official name of the holiday is Cock's day (Cock - the animal, not the... other thing). It's a centuries old holiday, associated with manhood, men fertility and growing up. Some places celebrate it as a celebration and appreciation of elderly men, and others view it as a holiday associated with hunting and bee-keeping. Some villages have a custom of showing all boys-turning-into-men on the central square and determining who is good for what - sheperd, hunter, teacher, etc.

The Christian tradition views this day as the baptizing of Christ, since it is also 40 days after Christmas. The relation to the Christian view of 2nd holiday is not very widely accepted however.

It is unknown when and how 2nd February became associated with homosexual men and women, but since some time this is the main association for this day. Gay nighlife takes great advantage of celebrating it. This year the parties took place on the night between 1st and 2nd February (since it was a Saturday to Sunday). Yalta club in Sofia had the biggest party with Boy George, who came especially to celebrate the holiday with the Bulgarian gay community, while the country's biggest homosexual star, Azis, also had a special party event in Billionaire club (because of the "bi" part in the club's name, says Azis).

The curios part is that both clubs are not officially gay clubs (the first being gay friendly and the second being just an ordinary one), which shows that 2nd February is the best day for the gay community to also spread it's messages of acceptance and pride to the general community. The gay scene also enjoys more visitors and profits on gay day/night.