Sagi Abitbul celebrates diversity in Sofia on 02.02

Sagi Abitbul celebrates diversity in Sofia on 02.02

22.01.2018 - Sofia's gay community was deeply saddened when the emblematic ID Club was closed. The place used to be the oldest and most visited gay establishment in the capital. The reasons for its closure are still unknown, but at least now we rest assured that the former owners have not given up on the mission to create entertainment for the community. Infact, they have only widened their ambitions!

Their work will now become VAULT: The Next Level, a series of high-profile parites to elevate the spirit of ID Club higher. The first party will take place on 2nd February and will be called "Celebrate Diversity". The venue is Party Hall, in the heart of Sofia - 10 Tsar Osvoboditel str., opposite the Russian church.

The main star of it is DJ Sagi Abitbul, who became world famous by creating dance hits out of Bulgarian folk tunes. His cult products Stanga and Mariko have been watched more than 60 mil. times on YouTube.

The Irish-Brazilians XCUBS are also a main attraction. They will also play a set in their personal innovative dance style.

The doors open at 23:00 and the program will feature many surprises. Tickets can be bought herePart of the earnings will be donated to Sofia Pride and the establishmen of an LGBT community center.

2nd February is an important date for the gay community, even if part of its recognition as a "gay day" stems from homophobic origins.