Bulgarian Musicians Make Pro-Gay Video

Bulgarian Musicians Make Pro-Gay Video

26.02.2014 - Bulgarian music stars Andrea and Alek Sandar have teamed up to produce a video, supporting the fight for human rights. The accents in the footage are gay rights and Ukrainian protests. The video illustrates their latest song, called "Peaceful Place".

Using information provided by the Human Rights Watch and Human Rights House, as well as footage provided by Reuters, the music video calls for the delivery of human rights in Ukraine, along with LGBT equality and non-discrimination in Russia. “We want to show love to our Eastern European brothers and sisters during this political uproar,” say the artists.

“Peaceful Place” begins and ends with calls to action: “It’s time for a change,” and “It is our divine duty to make this earth a peaceful place.” The release of the video marks the beginning of a nationwide campaign of events and appearances in Bulgaria aimed to support human rights.

To raise awareness of these issues, the video shows children and teenagers in an abandoned Roma slum neighborhood in Sofia, Bulgaria, in order to draw attention to discrimination, freedom of expression, and education about the acceptance of the LGBT community. One video clip shows Andrea and Alek Sandar holding a rainbow flag surrounded by Roma children. “If we did this in Russia, we would be in jail now,” says Alek in an interview with national media in Bulgaria.

Andrea (Teodora Andreeva) is a popular chalga singer, who has previously also been in duos with other LGBT-stars such as Azis. She is engaged to the European boxing champion Kubrat Pulev. Alek Sandar is relatively new to the scene in Bulgaria, but his early work already shows great talent.

The project is already enjoying huge acclaim from Bulgarians who, despite having a variety of openly gay singers and celebrities and a lot of gay-themed entertainment, have long waited to see a music video especially dedicated to supporting human rights, produced by high profile music stars.

The song is available for free download at https://soundcloud.com/aleksandarofficial/andrea-alek-sandar-peaceful