Gay Life

Bulgaria has developed rapidly since its accession in the EU in 2007 and the principles of tolerance and acceptance are taking root in its society. LGBT+ people are enjoying unprecedented freedom and security in the modern history of the country. There has been an annual gay pride since 2008.

Fun fact: Bulgaria's fist gay pride was in 1961 (although it wasn't called that at the time - the term comes from USA's Stonewall events later in 1969, but the essence is the same), organized by homosexual celebrities such as actors, singers, writers, journalists, opera employees and more. It was repeated for a few years before it was shut down by the communist regime.

Naturally, big cities are more liberal and open to LGBT+ people and culture than the small ones, with Sofia being the most eventful place in all seasons. If you're looking for bars or night clubs, check out our gay guide for all cities in Bulgaria! If you're looking for cultural events, the most common venues are the "Rainbow Hub" and the "Red House" in Sofia and the "Plovediv" cafe-gallery in Plovdiv. Be on the lookout in Facebook, because that's where most cultural events are advertized.

Fun fact: Sofia Pride Film Fest takes place every year in the week before the gay pride since 2012. Various gay movies and documentaries from all around the world are being shown as part of the festival.

The country still needs a generational change before it can adopt gay marriage in its legislation, but the young people are far more open and accepting than the old and the progress is unavoidable. Homosexuality has been decriminalized in 1968 and LGBT NGO's have been working for the advancement of gay rights since 1992, with one of their major accomplishments being the laws against discrimination in 2003.

Fun fact: Bulgaria's second king after the liberation from Ottoman rule, Ferdinand (ruled 1887 - 1918), was openly bisexual. We have him to thank for the Proclamation of Independence of 1908 and for the existance of Vrana Palace.

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