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Take a look at the gay places (cafes, bars, night clubs, saunas, beaches) currently available and popular in Bulgaria. The biggest concentration is, of course, in Sofia, the capital, but other cities also have interesting offers.
Last updated: 31.10.2018

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Tarragon Steam - Gay Sauna in Sofia
Tarragon Steam is Sofia's first gay sauna. It doesn't actually have a sauna, but it has a steam r..
Mix Club Barcode
A new mix club in the center of Sofia. A trademark of the club are the different colors the ..
One to One
One to One is the newest gay place in Sofia - a modern mix night club with 3D-LED lights in the c..
UpDown Cafe-Aperitif, Sofia
Situated in the city center, close to "Macedonia" square and the Court Palace, UpDown Cafe-Aperit..
Mix Club Golden Moon in Sofia
Mix Club Golden Moon is among the newest gay night clubs in Sofia and the second most visited in ..
Sex Shop & Bar Flamingo
Flamingo is a sex shop and a movie bar in Sofia and it has existed for a long time. The bar has t..
#PLOVEDIV - Gay Cafe/Gallery in Plovdiv
#PLOVEDIV is a café / gallery, nestled in the heart of Plovdiv. The place offers three cozy floor..
Little Angels - Gay club in Varna
Little Angels is a relatively new gay club in Varna and it is a nice place to have a drink or to ..
Gay Beach in Varna
The gay beach in Varna is located next to Pochivka camp. There is a bus stop with the same name o..
The Chameleon - Gay club in Burgas
The Chameleon is Burgas'es only gay club. Other LGBT-people are also welcome there. It's not a hu..
Gay Beach in Sunny Beach
The Sunny Beach`s gay beach is located on the same territory as the nudist beach – right next to ..
Sunrise - Gay Karaoke Bar in Sunny Beach
The only gay club in Sunny Beach is called Sunrise and is actually a karaoke bar. It is not a sep..
Gay Beach Golden Sands
The Golden Sands gay beach is reachable from Varna and the Golden Sands. From any of those you ..
TAM - Veliko Tarnovo
TAM is not officially a gay place, but its friendly atmosphere and artistic vibes quickly made it..
Essence - Lesbian Night Club in Sofia
Essence is the biggest night club for lesbians in Sofia. It has tables both near the dancefloor a..