Culture Tour for Groups

Culture Tour for Groups
The Holiday begins with your arrival in Sofia on Friday. Our representative will meet you at the airport or the station and take you to the hotel. You’ll have the rest of the day to settle in or take a walk in the city. In the evening we will take you to a traditional Bulgarian restaurant for dinner. Right after you’ve had some delicious meals, the party begins! You will be taken on a tour of Sofia’s most renowned gay night clubs. They are also close to the hotel so you won’t have any difficulty leaving on your own terms at any time you desire.
Friday’s highlights:
- Meeting at the airport
- Accommodation in Sofia
- Dinner at a traditional restaurant*
- Gay night tour
On Saturday, right after breakfast we will begin with a tour of Sofia. A guide will take you to the most impressive landmarks of Bulgaria’s capital. Then you will be taken to а restaurant for lunch. After the meal we will organize a visit to Pancharevo Baths – the mineral water there is good for your health and you might also get lucky with some friendly male company from the natives. After about an hour in the baths, you will be taken back to Sofia. You will have the afternoon for yourself to take a walk in or to relax at the hotel. You can dine at the hotel or ask our representative for tips on where to go. Don’t take too long though, because at 22:00 we will meet back at the hotel to start another night gay tour.
Saturday’s highlights:
- Day tour of Sofia
- Lunch
- Visit to Pancharevo Baths*
- Gay night tour
On day 3 (Sunday) , right after breakfast we leave for Melnik. On the way we will make stops by Rila Monastery and Ivan Rilski’s grave. After you’ve arrived and settled in Melnik, we will take you to an official dinner with a folklore program. Authentic Bulgarian suits from the past will be offered to you for the night – you can travel back in time and see how our ancestors lived.
Sunday’s highlights:
- Visit to Rila Monastery and Ivan Rilski’s grave
- Accommodation in Melnik
- Official dinner with a folklore program and authentic Bulgarian suits.*
Day 4 (Monday) will begin with a tour of Melnik and the Melnik Pyramids. We will take you for lunch to a local restaurant with typical Melnik meals. You will have the rest of the day to yourself – for a walk in Melnik, a hike in the nature or a relaxation at the hotel. It's a beautiful place to just pause and relieve yourself from big city stress.
Monday’s highlights:
- Day tour of Melnik
- Visit to the Melnik Pyramids
- Lunch

Day 5 (Tuesday)  will continue the cultural experience with trips to Rupite, Rozhen and Rozhen Monastery. These popular tourist destinations are important to our history and represent the spirit of past times. Not only the buildings are beautiful and interesting, but the nature in the area has a lot to please the eye with too.
Tuesday’s highlights:
- Visit to Rupite
- Visit to Rozhen
- Visit to Rozhen Monastery
On the sixth day ( Wednesday) we will head back to Sofia with a stop at a place of your choosing - either by the Stob Pyramids – an interesting natural landmark, or in Blagoevgrad - an important city worthy of a short walk. We will be back in Sofia by afternoon, where you will be accommodated by the same hotel. We will leave the decision on how to spend the afternoon to you, but we will provide you with tips on what you can do and where you can go.
Wednesday’s highlights:
- Visit to the Stob Pyramids or Blagoevgrad*
- Accommodation in Sofia
After all this, Thursday, the seventh day will be offered as a relaxation day. You can sleep it off at the hotel or take a solo walk around the city center. When the time for your journey back home comes, we will send you off to the station or the airport.
* The activities marked with * are optional. These itineraries are designed for groups of minimum 7 people. If there are less people on the tour on a certain date, these activities will be skipped.
Price: 416 euro
Required minimum amount of people for a group: 4. If you are less than 4 people, check out our individual gay holidays!
Available dates:
Any time you want it!
The price is per person and includes:
• Meeting at the airport/station in Sofia and transportation to the hotel;
• Three nights in Sofia;
• Transportation between Sofia, Melnik, Rupite, Rozhen and the appointed landmarks;
• Three nights in Melnik, hotel Melnik
• Seven buffet breakfasts;
• A guided tour of Sofia;
• Two guided night tours of Sofia’s gay bars and gay clubs;
• A visit to Rila Monastery;
• A visit to Ivan Rilski’s grave;
• A day tour of Melnik;
• A visit to the Melnik pyramids;
• A visit to Rupite;
• A visit to Rozhen;
• A visit to Rozhen Monastery;
• A visit to the Stob pyramids/Blagoevgrad;*
• Transportation to Pancharevo baths;
• Transportation to the airport/station and send-off.

The price doesn’t include:
• Transportation to and from Bulgaria;
• The dinner at the traditional restaurant;
• The lunch;
• The entrance fee for Pancharevo Baths - 5 lv (approximately 2.5 euro);
• The entrance fee for the gay clubs - 2 * 5 lv (2 times 2.5 euro).

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