About Us

Gay Holidays in Bulgaria is a company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Our members are experienced in tourism development and familiar with gay life in our country. These two advantages enable us to expand the possibilities of gay tourism in Bulgaria and to offer an unforgettable experience to our clients.
We are members of the two biggest gay travel organizations - IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) and GETA (Gay European Tourism Association). Our partnerships guarantee the highest quality of our service.
We’re also dedicated to providing gay tourists in Bulgaria with information to help them spend their time in our country the best way possible. If you need help with organizing your vacation in Bulgaria or if you have any other questions, please Contact Us.
Our goals are to uncover the hidden beauty of our country in front of gay tourists, to improve the image of Bulgaria among foreigners, to develop gay tourism here and to prove that Bulgaria is a place where anyone can have their Perfect Holiday, regardless of race, age or sexual orientation.
Our packages are designed to help travelers expand their minds, invigorate their souls and re-energize their imaginations.
Why Gay Holidays in Bulgaria?
• We are members of IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) and GETA (Gay European Tourism Association);
We have developed tour packages combining the best of Bulgaria's history, nature and gay life;
We are very flexible, allowing for individually tailored offers to every personal taste;
• We offer unique and spectacular custom events that you won’t find anywhere else;
• We have a knowledgeable staff, always at your disposal to provide you with information on the latest trends in each place you visit;
• We offer an affordable price for your vacation, without sacrificing luxury, experience or adventure;
• We have carefully researched and designed detailed itineraries to provide hassle free travel;
• We adapt the latest trends in modern global gay travel to our offers.